Thursday, 20 March 2014

The spark

The spark
Whilst I love my 20 month old little boy and cherish every moment with him, my favourite time of day has to be that little time just after lunch when I get to drink an entire undisturbed hot cup of tea as he sleeps soundly recharging his energy for his afternoon adventures. 

It was during this little break, whilst enjoying my second cup of tea and doing the usual daily Facebook trawl that I came across a wonderful little company called Just For Tiny People.
(See link below)
They produce amazing wooden hideaways, hand made cushions, bedding, bunting and most of all the most beautiful childrens teepees.
The talented Effie who runs it really understands how much children enjoy having their own space to let their imagination run riot.

After returning to the page on numerous occasions and browsing through the many individual designs and pricing plans I eventually persuaded my husband that this was something our little boy NEEDED.

I found myself obsessing with teepees, looking online at all different designs and colours when I stumbled across butterwick pattern B4251 for childrens teepee and for some impulsive reason clicked buy it now.
So it begins. .

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