Thursday, 20 March 2014

The problems

Having bought butterwick pattern B4251 I then began to think about what I was actually considering and this brought up a number of issues…


Making the teepee myself is in no way a money saving exercise, fabric is expensive! Especially when you have to buy a large amount and can’t rely on end of roll off cuts.


Atholls 2nd birthday is in July, I have a lot on between now and then, not to mention the fact we are in the middle of moving house.


I can’t sew. There I said it. My sewing experience is limited to first year home economics and even then I wasn’t very good (well according to one particular witch of a teacher anyway).

And lastly. .


There is no way I can do this without some help, so I approached the one person I have always relied on, my Mum, who has (with a lot of doubtful laughter) agreed to ‘help’

I quote:

"I’m not going to end up doing the whole thing for you like that bloody scarf idea you had last time”

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