Thursday, 20 March 2014

Getting started

So I took the pattern to Mums to show her exactly what it was I had recruited her to help with.
This did not go well.
Mostly it involved Mum cackling with laughter whilst I got increasingly confused, the pattern pieces became even more mixed up and the air increasingly blue with my language. (I think if I introduce a swear box at this stage I'll have covered the cost of the materials and more before I've even started)
By the time Atholl woke from his nap I had made a few discoveries;

1. Mum works in inches and yards whilst I work in cm and meters, this means she has been reading the English instructions whilst I have been struggling with the French.

2. This pattern uses A LOT of material.

3. Patterns are confusing! Especially big ones. There are bits to attach to other bits, bits to be doubled and some other instructions that might as well be written in another language. (Other than French)
I also have to be careful with the ridiculously fragile paper as I have to use some of the pieces 5 times over. This means I'm going to have to be patient and delicate.(haha)

When we eventually put the pattern away and started to discuss fabric it really hit me exactly how much I am out of my depth, when Mum asked me which material Id like to use I think she was expecting more than 'Fabric' as a response. Having spent a long time looking at various fabric online I've decided that a trip to town will be required as there is just no substitute for being able to see/ feel the fabrics.
Some of the online companies do a great free sample service and I'm expecting quite a few little parcels over the next few days.
Ebay was also good for browsing fabrics with many sellers also offering sample services, except for one particular Ebay seller whose response to my sample request was
"We don't do that, letters cost money don't you know."
There's no need to be rude.

Cant wait to pick the fabric, although this will be a challenge in itself as there are so many pretty ones out there!

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